Search for Better

The world is an increasingly complex place. So much so that business leaders are concerned about their ability to lead. “Search for Better” offers the solution to this dilemma, introducing and explaining the Every Individual Matters Model that goes way beyond the concept of valuing people as corporate assets and helps transform culture to the point of “turning an organisation into an organism.” This provides the integrated intelligence to radically improve results in three basic steps:  

  • Step 1. A basic – and ironically rather straightforward – way to calculate your peoples’ value in order to account for, manage and treat them as assets rather than exclusively as costs; providing Performance Measures that enable you to more effectively assess the human contribution to your business.
  • Step 2. This makes your people virtual owners of the business with a stake equal to their asset value, avoiding diluting the shareholders’ equity and the disadvantages of traditional shares and other employee ownership schemes.
  • Step 3. Builds on this virtual ownership and enables you to reward your people with a ‘Labour Dividend,’ operating on the same basis as a ‘Share Dividend’ – even if you don’t have shareholders. By replacing your Incentive Remuneration scheme this is cost neutral and avoids diluting shareholders’ equity, while allowing you to reward your people more equitably and to properly share in the risk and rewards of your business in return for their investment of their lives.

If you are an entrepreneur, executive or leader you need to read this book. It will help you ensure the culture and cohesion that transforms your performance and results by enabling you to make the best of your human assets, who consider it their business just as much as you consider it yours.