My Vision

I see a day when all people of all nations will rise up and live their life to the fullest extent of their potential.

I see a time when people will no longer allow work to be a four-letter word and something to balance with life, but will value it as an integral part of their life.

I see a world where work is not a bind but an opportunity for every person to celebrate the uniqueness of their being and the way they express who they are.

I see that each and every person will recognise their work as their contribution to humankind and make it a focal point of their lives. And, as they do so, that they will strive to maximise what they give and so, in the process, optimise who they are.

I see that, as they recognise work as part of life and not an adjunct to it, people will regard their work as their business and do everything in their power to make it a successful business that blesses the people it serves as well as themselves.

I see people treating work as part and parcel of what they have to do, not out of compulsion, but simply to be the best they can possibly be; in order that, when their time is up, they can look back on a proud legacy.

And I envisage a workplace that recognises people for who they are; that sustains and nurtures and so encourages and enables them to be their best.

I see workplaces that cease to manage people as a resource and instead improve efficiency by encouraging, enabling and endorsing self-management. I see workplaces that acknowledge people for the asset they are and give them back their independence and pride and that bask in the better results this brings.

I see a workplace where command is dead and control is a collective responsibility rather than an imposition: where organisations pursue social purpose rather than profits at any price.

I see workplaces operating as single teams, where people do not compete, but work to support one another for the common good of both the business itself and the wider world.

I see this new outlook bringing a new enthusiasm and creating a zeal that makes it all a joy. I see reduced conflict and greater co-operation that makes the world a better place and enhances its chances of survival.

(With acknowledgement to Martin Luther King)