My Business

I am the founding director of Zealise, a company I formed in 2003 as a vehicle to spread and deliver the concept of people as human assets.

Zealise has a vision of creating work-life integrity that enables people to fulfil their potential and thereby enabling the organisation they work for to also fulfil its potential, leading to a worthwhile legacy for the individual and sustained success for the organisation.

You can find out more by clicking on this link to the Zealise website but briefly the company’s primary service offering is a 3 phase model that provides all the on-going people management capabilities you would expect from an approach that:-

  • Values each and every employee as an asset for inclusion on a notional balance sheet.
  • Enables each and every employee to be an owner in the business – without shares and at no cost to the employee or employer
  • Offers an equitable gain-sharing option without any of the shortcomings and weaknesses of traditional incentive remuneration schemes.

To find out more about this and our other service offerings please check out